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N(L)BD series of products is a kind of update products of the high-voltage electronic switches (3080, etc.) and technical solutions of pulse transformer to driver thyristor, to solve the problems in the current thyristor trigger mode, like blind drive area, the high-voltage electronic switch is easy to damage, high-frequency interference, high energy consumption, large volume, low cost performance of pulse transformer etc, with the advantages of high cost performance, high reliability, small volume, low energy consumption, no(low) blind area drive, no high-frequency interference and etc.

Model Definition

Note:①②indicates this parameter can be null, when ② is null, P2, P4 need to input the operating current 0.1mA – 20mA ( AC or DC), when use DC power supply and drive the unidirectional thyristor (silicon controlled rectifier),P4 is + relative to P2, when use DC power supply and drive the bidirectional thyristor, P4 is – relative to P2).

Pin Definition Diagram

NBD Pin Definition Diagram

When VCC needs to connect 380V operating voltage, it can use the VCC pins of two devices that drive the power supply voltage of 250V connected, when using current-driven,VCC pin is connected with power via the current limiting element (resistance or capacitor).

Wiring Diagram

NBD Wiring Diagram


After this work device power on 1s, P5, P6 can input the control signal, otherwise the device will not output the drive signal

NBD Wiring Diagram2
NBD Example 3
NBD Example 4

Package Mechanical Data

Package Mechanical Data

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