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The latest generation AC contactors, KS-U hybrid arcless contactors is composed of semiconductor electronic control module and normal mechanical contacts. It adopts multiple patent electronical technologies, combines the two advantages of low energy of mechanical contact and arcless operation of solid-state relay, realized the arcless making and breaking of the contactors, highly improve the electrical life more than tens of times. It’s a kind of high-tech power products with energy saving, environmental protection, super long electrical life, safe and explosion-proof performance.

Model Definition



KS-U hybrid arcless contactors is applicable to the electric power system of low voltage AC 50/60Hz , rated working current up to 250A, used for remote control of circuit making and breaking. It also suits to constitute the electromagnetic starter with a variety of protective devices, and suitable for power factor compensation capacitor switching , motor control, heater wire and other loads’ switch control.


1.Real-time sampling circuit, the conducting time of arc suppression module is short, is fast approaching the theoretical limit, less than or equal to the half wave, strong overload capability, high reliability.
2.Arcless, Good explosion-proof application, no burning of the electrical contact, low and reliable contacts resistance, super-long life time.
3.Voltage zero-crossing making, no surge current(AC model), no current zero-crossing breaking, no switching overvoltage, no hamonic pollution.
4.Unique special pules start-up circuit, DC-coil, transistor start-up method, long start-up life, no coil burning risk, combined with the high operating frequency, high reliability of the common electromagnetic coil and DC ultra-low keep energy consumption.
5. The cover of the contactor is removeable, it’s easy to inspect the main contacts using.

Models List

KS-U40/63/80/100 Product Parameters Table

KS-U40,63,80,100 Product parameters table

KS-U125/160/200/250 Product Parameters TableKS-U125,160,200,250 Product parameters table①The customer can choose the Aux.control voltage 5V/9V/12V/24V/36V/48V.
②The load capacity when the angle exter-connected common control is applied under  the condition with 380V main circuit.Terminal “N” represents the load capacity increase 1.7 times when the angle inter-connected common control is applied .
Note :
KS-UXXAC is capacitor load dedicated type, have the zero-crossing input function and auxiliary switch to be chosen.
KS-UXXA is general type, have not the zero-crossing input function and Auxiliary switch.

KS-U801/1251/1601/2501 Product Parameters Table
KS-U801,1251,1601,2501 Product parameters table
①The customer can choose the Aux.control voltage 5V/9V/12V/24V/36V/48V.
②The load capacity under the main voltage is 220V.

Note :
KS-UXX1AC is capacitive load dedicated type, with the cross-zero input function, has auxiliary switch to choose.
KS-UXX1A is normal type,no have the cross-zero input function and no Auxiliary switch.



Installation Dimention

 KS-U 40,63 Installation Dimention
KS-U 80,100 Installation Dimention
KS-U 200,250 Installation Dimention
KS-UXX1 Installation Dimention

Wiring Diagram

                                                UXX Wiring Diagram
UXX Wiring Diagram
                                                   UXX1 Wiring Diagram
UXX1 Wiring Diagram

Installation Circumstance

1.Environment temperature:  -25℃~+50℃
2.Installation elevation :  less than 2000 m
3.Relative humidity:  less then 95%
4.Pollution levels:  levels 3
5.Installation category: Ш category
6.Installing conditions: the angle shall be less than ±5 degree from installed surface to vertical
surface; Products should be installed and used without significant shake, shock and vibration place.


1.The main circuit can’t be used in the DC circuit.
2.If the main circuit use in the parallel circuit or positive and negative conversion phase circuit of motor, please apply for technical support
3.You must check the technology parameter before installation.
4. If any of the following situations appears, please check the contactor right now.
a.Operating over 200.000 times;
b.Operating anomaly ;
c.Running for half a year from the beginning.

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