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KS-U Series Hybrid Contactor For Capacitors is the latest generation of hybrid contactor for capacitors with high performance developed by kingser, featured with no inrush. It’s a hybrid contactors combined the thyristor and mechanical switches, adopts multiple patent technologies, is the only capacitor switch recently to bear eight times of rated current’ closing and breaking, to achive the AC3 making-breaking capacity. It can realize the making and breaking operation of no-arc, no inrush current and no switching overvoltage, highly improved the reliability and electrical lifetime of the capacitor load. Long time working reliability is superior to the normal capacitor catactors, hybrid switches, thyristor switches. It’s a kind of high-tech power products with low power consumption, environmental protection performance, specially suitable for the frequent dynamic switching of the power factor correction capacitors.

Model Definition



1.Unique double trigger, no inrush and no arc device adopt the leading patent, contacts of it use the bridge structure, the conducting time of the thyristor is fast approaching the theoretical limit. Compared with the normal hybrid switches, it has higher breaking capacity, higher anti-harmonic ability, higher operating frequency, longer electrical life, higher reliability, overload capacity of pass through the prospective short-circuit current of above 3000A for 10s.
2.Zero-cross-switching, no arc, good explosion proof, no inrush current, can highly improve the working reliability and electrical life of the load capacitors.
3.Electrical impulses transistor start-up circuit, energy-saving DC-coil, high operating frequency, lowest energy consumption.
4.Residual voltage of capacitor inspection technology, guarantee 100% three-phase no inrush, no switching overvoltage, switch phase by phase in 10 ms, any faulty operation won’t damage the capacitor and switch.
5.The cover of the contactor is removeable , so the main contacts can be checked easily. Good compatibility, can replace the capacitor contactors, hybrid switches, thyristor switches directly.
6.Industry level circuit, high speed microprocessor, optoelectronic isolation, no need of standby, power-on and reset design, good disturb resistance ability, circuit board filled in insulating resin, high reliability, electrical life is above 1 million operation times.

Operating Principle

In the closing working process of the contactor, the thyristor is conducted when the voltage across is crossing zero, then the mechanical contact close, so as to realize the no inrush current connection of the capacitors. In the breaking working process of the contactor, the thyristor is conducted when there is a potential difference across the two ends of the mechanical contacts. The current is bypassed at the moment of the mechnical contacts breaks, so as to realize no-arc breaking.

Working Principle of KS-U hybrid contactor

Main Parameters  Table 

Main Parameters Table

* The Load Capacity Under The 220V of Main Circuit Voltage

Installation Dimentions

Installation Dimentions of ks-U ks-u installation dimentions

Wiring Diagram

UXX Wiring Diagram                   UXX1 Wiring Diagram

                       UXX Wiring Diagram                                                                     UXX1 Wiring Diagram                                                                      

Installation Circumstance

1.Environment temperature:  -25 ℃~+50℃
2.Installation elevation :  less than 2000 m
3.Relative humidity:  less then 95%
4.Pollution levels:  levels 3
5.Installation category: Ш category
6.Installation condition: The angle shall be less than ±5 degree from installed surface to vertical
surface; the environment should be no conspicuous vibration, no shock and no vibration.

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