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KS-T series ITS is a thyristor – controlled electronic power device, specially designed for switching power capacitors. It is kingser’s self-developed product to solve the problem that existing in similar products like poor reliability, slow switching speed in second time, etc, which apply to fast frequent switching for rapid dynamic compensation of  power factor of the power grid, harmonic governance Capacitor, and control of resistance, heat wire cutting, motor and other components.

Model Definition

KS-T Model definition


1.High speed SOC microprocessor for phase sequence control, phase loss protection.Built-in transient over-voltage protection circuit and optical isolation circuit,good for withstand  interference, increase EMC protective level.
2.Patent(high-speed triggering technology)is adopted.Three-phase capacitors can synchronous-close operate within 20ms and 3 phase output current-angle difference less than 120, even under the  condition of no any discharge for load capacitor.
3.Aluminum alloy case construction, extra big radiator, smart temperature sensing and control system ensure excellent heat radiation under very short fan running time,increase fan service life and reduce the energy loss. It uses industrial grade electronic components, high quality power transistor. The circuit board is encapsulated by resin or dipped by insulated paint, So the life of circuit can reach more than 100, 000 hours.

Models List

KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch main electrical parameters table
KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch main electrical parameters table2
Note :
2、With a smart mouth design, it not only can be used to control single-phase load, but also can be free combined to used control the three-phase load, for 790 v, 1140 v need to be custom-made.

Installation Dimention

KS-T Installation dimention table
Note :
① In/out terminal is up in down out,Current range:40~110A
② In/out terminal is left in right out,Current range:40~200A
③ In/out terminal is up in down out,Current range:200~1000A
④ In/out terminal is left in right out,Current range:120~200A

Frame 1/2
KS-T Frame 1/2        Frame3                                                                                                      Frame 4

KS-T Frame 3            KS-T Frame 4

Wiring Diagram


In-Out Port Wiring Diagram


Installation Circumstance

1、Working temperature:  -25~45℃
2、Relative humidity:  0~95%, non-dew
3、Storage /transport temperature:  -30~85℃
4、Forbidden to be used in the gas and other media that damage the line insulation or with the explosion danger.
5、Electrical cabinet to hold TTS shall be well ventilated.

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