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KS-T series intelligent thyristor switch for capacitors is a thyristor – controlled power device, specially designed for switching power capacitors, called TSC dynamic switches. This series of products adopts multiple core patent technologies and intelligent control technologies, has the advantages of fast and accurate voltage zero-crossing inspection and switching, current zero-crossing breaking, good conduction performance, fast response speed, complete protection functions, etc, so as to guarantee the long-term safe and stable of switch and capacitor running, suitable for the the power factor of the power network’s fast dynamic compensation and harmonic control capacitor’s frequent switching.

Model Definition



1.High speed SOC (SYSTEM ON CHIP) microprocessor for non-contact constant temperature control, over-voltage and under-voltage detection, phase sequence control, low energy strong trigger technology, good linear conduction performance; It has the advantages of accurate voltage zero-crossing inspection and switching, fast switching speed, no inrush switching no surge current impact under the non-equal voltage condition, high reliability, etc.

2.With the transient overvoltage protection circuit, optoelectronic isolation and power-on reset technologies, the system doesn’t crash, strong anti-interference capacity, high level EMC protection.

3.The control circuit of this product has not any mechanical contacts design and comply with the principle of thermal convection, high operating frequency, unlimited operation life times, high reliability.

4.It adopts the whole aluminum alloy case, extra big radiator, smart temperature sensing and control system ensure excellent heat radiation under very short fan running time,increase fan service life and reduce the dust of the switches.

5.It uses industrial grade electronic components, high quality power devices. The circuit board is encapsulated by resin or dipped by insulated paint, so the life of circuit can reach more than 100, 000 hours.
Note: The products functions differently based on specific models.

Models List and Parameters Table

KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch main electrical parameters table
KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch main electrical parameters table KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch main electrical parameters table2
KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch main electrical parameters table3

Note : Every single pole has a smart port design, it not only can be used to control single-phase load, but also can be free combined to used control the three-phase load.

* It can meet the speed under the non equipotential condition.

Installation Dimention

KS-T Installation dimention table

Note :

① In/out terminal is up in down out,Current range:40~110A
② In/out terminal is left in right out,Current range:40~200A
③ In/out terminal is up in down out,Current range:200~1000A
④ In/out terminal is left in right out,Current range:120~200A

Frame 1/2

KS-T Frame 1/2

Frame 3                                                                                              Frame 4

KS-T Frame 3KS-T Frame 4

Wiring Diagram


In-Out Port Wiring Diagram


Installation Circumstance

1、Working temperature:  -25~45℃
2、Relative humidity:  0~95%, non-dew
3、Storage /transport temperature:  -30~85℃
4、Forbidden to be used in the gas and other media that damage the line insulation or with the explosion danger.
5、Electrical cabinet to hold TTS shall be well ventilated.


① We suggest the load to use high quality power capacitor connected with the series reactor in parallel, because each breakdown and self-cure of the load capacitor will cause irreversible damage to the semiconductor switch, when used in the occasions of large harmonic, high temperature, frequently occurring over-current, over-voltage or higher capacitor failure, it should choose the models with enough space, like 1/2 or 1/3 of the maximum switching capacity of the thyristor switch.

② For single phase compensation using, it should guarantee the zero line of the capacitor is connected well, otherwise will cause the switch bear over high voltage.

③ For the occasions that the capacitor switching is not very frequent, no more than once per minute on average, can also choose Kingser’s KS-U hybrid contactors.

④ It is suggested that the front face protection of the thyristor adopts the fast fuse-link with the rated current 1.6 to 2 times of the working current of the load capacitor.

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