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KS-PT Protector uses the microprocessor digital tube display, it possess protective /warning function and Real-time monitoring function for detecting 3 phase circuit  voltage /current, easy to install and operate, applicable to ac low voltage distribution system data monitoring and comprehensive protection control, can be used for motor protection and other load protection and power protection.

Model Definition



1,Display function:
Using the microprocessor digital tube display technology, can display 3 phase grid parameter of circuit voltage /current, fault warning and work status , real time.

2,Setting function:
a.Can directly set parameters of electron ecological ratio, under-voltage protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, 3 phase imbalance ratio protection, Control delay an so on.
b. Automatic Memory for parameters setting, No lost when power cut.

3,Protective function:

a.Self-check and reset function

b.Under-voltage/over voltage/over current

c.Phase sequence identity protection

4,Over limit /fault warning function: When power failure or over limit ,the microprocessor Digital tube will be light up to warning us.

Technical Parameters

 1.Basic parameters:
Power voltage:  AC380V±20%  50Hz±5%
Sampling voltage:  :AC380V~480V
Sampling current:≤5A
Power consumption:≤3W
2.Control parameters:
Current change ratio:  1~1000
Over voltage setting:  400V~480V   Step length :1V
Under-voltage setting:  300V~360V   Step length :1V
Over current setting:  1~9999A
3 phase unbalance ratio setting:  10%~90%
Delay control:   1s~60s
3.Measurement precision:
Note:The specific technology parameters can be custom-made base on the customer’s requirement.

Installation Dimention

KS-PT Installation Dimentions

Wiring Diagram

KS-PT Wiring Diagram

Installation Circumstance

Elevation Altitude:≤2500m
environment temperature:  -20℃~+70℃
Relative humidity:  20%~90% [40℃]
Atmospheric pressure:  79.5Kpa~106Kpa
Environmental conditions: Ambient medium no explosion danger, no gas of damaging the insulation and corrosion of the conductive dust, installation is not easy to violent vibration, no snow and rain erosion.

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