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KS-NRM series of micro hybrid contactor( Without Changing Relay) is against the short electrical lifetime, low current and voltage breaking force of exsiting relays, large volume, large drive power consumption, short operation life of the exsiting contactors, which has been developed by Kingser, a kind of product of no arc, super long electrical lifetime, small volume, highly cost effective, strong current and voltage breaking force, which is composed of a relay and a no arc device, it is suitable for switching of low voltage electric heating element, lights, motors, inductors, inverter, switching modepower supply, resistors and other loads, is a new environmentally friendly low-voltage Switch.

Model Definition



1, Use invention patented technology, the arc extinguishing conduction time of the no-arc device is less than 10 milliseconds.

2, The electrical lifetime is 10~1000 times of normal relays and contactors, greatly reducing maintenance and  improve system reliability.

3, Built-in mechanical switch is welded, compared with the plug type relay structure, line loss reduce is above 50%, withstanding surge current is more larger.

4, The current zero-crossing breaking, no breaking over-voltage.

5, Small size, light weight.

Models List

Installation Dimention

Schematic Diagram

In the breaking process of mechanical switch, the no arc device is conducted when there is a potential difference at the two ends of the mechanical contacts, at the moment of the mechanical contacts breaks, the current is bypassed by the no arc device, to realize the no arc breaking purpose, the working principle is shown as below:

Installation Circumstance

Environment Temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ (no freezing, no condensation)
Rated frequency: 50/60 hz (Apply to AC)
The voltage drop of main loop: ≤0.2V
Relative humidity:50%~85%(40℃)
Use electrical life:1-10 million times
Leakage current: 10mA(typical value ≤ 1mA )


This switch can’t be used as isolated switches.

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