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KS-HRC series hybrid contactor is a new generation of super long life contactor developed independently by Kingser. It uses patent of control technology, It is a composition of the semiconductor control module and mechanical switch. It possess two technical advantages of low consumption of mechanical switch and no arc operation technology of the solid-state relay, turn the no arc operation of contactor into reality. It improves up more than 10 times lifetime, It is a contactor leader of low power consumption, environmental protection,safe and explosion-proof .

Model Definition

KS-HRC model Definition1


①Main circuit current choosing: When the number of main circuit is 2~3 poles,the current of no isolated type is 10~30A, the current of isolated type is 10A.When the number of main circuit is 1,the current of no isolated and isolated type can choose 10~30A.

②HRC3 has maximum 4 output passageway:Main Arc-less circuits: 3 Auxiliary circuit: 1 If main-circuit used only 1 or 2 circuits, the rest can be used as auxiliary contacts base on per customer’s requirement. Exp. 1: 2N1C required Model Number:  HRC3G30A250VI-2N1CD24 Exp. 2: 1N1C ModelNumber: HRC3G30A250VI-1N1CD24  Auxiliary contacts ratings: N (Normal Open) 5A, 277VAC / 5A 28VDC C(Normal Close) 2A, 277VAC / 2A 28VDC;

③ Control coil voltage recommendation: 2-3 phase: DC 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 48V. (Recommend 24VDC)can be  choosed.. 1 phase: AC 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 48V, 70V, 110V(Recommend 110V), 120V, 220V( Recommend 220V)can be choosed.


This series of hybrid contactor is applicable to the electric power system of low voltage AC 50/60Hz , rated output current of mai suitable for use in lamps, electric heat pipe (silk), solenoid valves, contactors, motor and other loading switch control occasions of high requirements.


1.Patent technologies adopted in like coupling-capacitor, strong triggering, etc, the arc suppressing & conducting timeis fast approaching the theoretical limit, to guarantee the extremely high reliability and fast responding speed.
2. It can replace of the contactor within 60A.
3. No arc operation, good explosion -proof, no burning of contacts.
4. Small contact resistance, low temperature and super long lifetime.
5. Small volume, low energy consumption, light weight, no noise.

Interior Structure Type Schematic Diagram

HRC1(2)  Interior Structure Type Schematic Diagram:

HRC1(2) Interior Structure Type Schematic Diagram

HRC3 Common or Individual Control Schematic Diagram:

HRC3 Common or Individual Control Schematic Diagram

* Differences between distributed control and common control: each main circuit is independent for distributed control, common  control share a control input for each main circuit.

Operating Principle

In the instant of main contact K1 on or off, a voltage difference appears on both ends of the main contactor K1, thyristor TR1 gets to work, through shunting the main contact K1, turn the no arc operation of contactor realized.

HRC1(2) Interior Structure Type Schematic Diagram


Models List

 [KS-HRC1] Product – Selection Table 1
[KS-HRC1] Product - Selection Table 1

[KS-HRC2] Product – Selection Table  2

[KS-HRC2] Product - Selection Table 2

[KS-HRC3] Product – Selection Table 3

[KS-HRC3] Product - Selection Table 3

Main Electrical Ratings Table

KS-HRC Main Electrical Ratings Table

Installation Dimention

HRC1(2) Installation Dimentions (Unit:mm):

HRC1(2) Installation Dimentions

HRC3 Installation Dimentions (Unit:mm):

HRC3 Installation Dimentions

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