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KS-F series of intelligent hybrid switch represent the highest technical level among the similar products in the market currently, it combines the advantages of low energy consumption of mechanical contact and no produced arc of operation of the solid-state relay, to achieve the relay closing and breaking in no arc manner or zero-crossing connection, combines the advantages of the magnetic latching relay and thyristor together, when switching capacitor to ensure that the voltage zero-crossing closing and the current zero-crossing breaking; When the switch is on and off, little inrush current, no over-voltage, no burning of the contacts; During the running, small voltage drop, low energy consumption, no harmonic. It apply to switching of capacitor, electric wire, lamp, motor, resistor and the like loads of low voltage reactive power compensation, is a kind of new intelligent green low voltage switch.

Model Definition

KS-F Model number and definition


1.Very low power consumption: the main contacts use magnetic latching relay, this relay consume no any electricity except very little in switching moment, and the resistance is normally very small, no need ventilation in case of thyristor burning , so it realize the energy saving in the true sense.

2.Compared to similar switches in the market, it’s adopted patents [energy storage type Zero-phase angle detecting technology] ensure no contacts adhesion or breakdown due to the inaccurate cross-zero detection for each switchting operation.

3.Compared to similar switches in the market, IHS patent [current feedback capacitor store energy technology] ensure the thyristor conduction time to be theoretical minimum, less than half cycle, it’s a leader product with the shorest conduction time required for thyristor in the similar kind of the world.

Models List

KS-F Models list and Parameters Table

*Customers can choose the control voltage.

Installation Dimention

 KS-F Installation Dimentions

Wiring Diagram

KS-F wiring diagram

Note: Customers can choose the reactor and other load capacitors

Installation Circumstance

Temperature:   -25℃–+45℃

Rated Frequency:   50/60Hz

Circuit Power Consumption:  ≤1VA
Voltage Drop across contacts: ≤0.1V

Relative Humidity:  20%–90% [ 40℃]

Rated Voltage:  450V/250V Ac
Load Connection:  Three phases (△ connection, inner connected method),

Single phase ( Y connection)
Internal time required: One cycle of on and off: ≥1 second
Internal time required: Interval between two consecutive connect: ≥10 seconds
Withstand Voltage of Contacts:≥1600V
Control signal:  12V DC

Service lifetime:  100.000 times /1,000.000 times

Protection Functions

It’s controlled by single chip microcomputer for intelligent monitoring of the thyristor as well as the operation condition of the load, has the following protection function:
1.Voltage fault and phase failure protection
2. Power supply voltage phase loss protection
3. Fault self-diagnosis protection
4. No load protection
5. Power Failure Protection
6. Blocking Protection
(The Magnetic latching relay is not allowed to input only after thysitor is input)
*Different models have different protection functions


This series of intelligent hybrid switch use a magnetic latching relay inside, during the running if it’s encountered a strong shock may lead to contact closure, to make the switch to be conducting state. In such case, it can connect a 380V power supply to the three-phase input of the switch, to keep it 10 seconds and then turn off the power, the switch will automatically return to “OFF” state.

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