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KS-F Intelligent Hybrid Switch for Capacitors is a kind of new intelligent environmental low voltage switch, apply to low voltage reactive power compensation capacitor quasi-dynamic switching, combines the advantages of magnetic latching relay and thyristor. It guarantees the switching on at voltage zero-crossing and switching off at current zero-crossing for capacitors switching, no burning risk of the contact, small pressure drop, low energy, no harmonics. Compared with the normal hybrid switches, KS-F series intelligent hybrid switches adopts our unique patent of energy storage low-energy zero-crossing detection and zero-crossing switching technology, has the remarkable advantages such as strong real-time, low sampling energy, accurate zero-crossing-switching, avoids the contact adhseion or breakdown damage of the hybrid switch’s mechanical contacts and thyristor caused by the inaccurate zero-crossing detection.

Model Definition

KS-F Model number and definition


1, KS-F Series hybrid switches adopts industry-leading capacitance storage advance zero-crossing patent technology, guarantee the more lower making current value, overcome the issues existing in the synchronous switches, hybrid switches on the market such as large making current, fast burning, adhesion of the mechanical contact, and the breakdown of the thyristor, etc.

2, Global only hybrid switch of no need transformer triggering, high voltage electronic switches triggering and no inrush current conduction, no exist issues of transformer triggering duty ratio, zero-crossing dead zone brought by the electronic switch and high voltage electronic switch breakdown.

3, Advanced patent control methods, the conduction time of the thyristor is within a few milliseconds, is below tenth of conduction time of the the hybrid switches in the industry, it has the very strong overload capacity, specific model can bear the load’s full short-circuit, without damage the thyristors and switches.

4, Quick break, phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage protection.

5, Industrial electronic components, super-strong anti-interference photoelectric isolating circuit, to ensure the reliability of the work under the harsh industrial environment.

Models List And Parameters Table

 KS-F Models list and Parameters Table

*Customers can choose the control voltage.

Installation Dimention

 KS-F Installation Dimension

Wiring Diagram

 KS-F wiring diagram

Installation Circumstance

Temperature:   -25℃–+45℃
Rated frequency:   50/60Hz
Circuit power: ≤2W
Contact voltage drop: ≤0.1V
Relative Humidity:  20%–90% [ 40℃]
Rated working voltage:  450V/250V Ac
One cycle of making and breaking: ≥1 second
Interval between two consecutive connect: ≥10 seconds
Electrical lifetime: ≥1 millions

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