On Nov. 21th, 2015, the 17th China Hi-Tech Fair was closed successfully in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center.



Guangzhou Kingser Electronics Co., Ltd stands for one exhibitor of Guangdong Pavilion, one of the Guangdong High Technology Enterprise to attend this CHTF. At 3:00 PM of 18th, Nov. 2015, in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center hall, Guangdong Jinshi Newest arcless patent technology and products 1st Information conference was held grandly. Kingser’s President, as well as the patent owner Mr. Guo Qiaoshi have introduced the global leading arcless patent technology and products. The related leaders, Guests, news media, and clients witness this launch together, to see the scientific and technological innovation and creation of Kingser. This conference mainly introduced the important revolutionary breakthrough in electrical switch arcless technology of Kingser in recent two years, the technology background, the features of Kingser arcless patent technology, the application field and market prospect, won the consistent affirmation from all walks of life.

Kingser Electronics Co., Ltd is a government-approved High-New-Tech-Enterprise in Guangdong, China. We devote ourselves to research, development, produce and sale the high performance, high reliable hybrid (NO ARC) switch control items, keep continuous development and innovation in the past decade. Kingser possess dozens of patented technologies in electrical switching arc suppressing and thyristor switching field. Grinding sword decades, Kingser got the important breakthrough in recent two years. We are the only enterprise in the world to get hold of the core technologies of “low-voltage electronic switch control thyristor self-excitation method trigger technology”, “induction arc suppressing technology”, “two ends arc suppressing circuit technology”, etc. The No arc semiconductor control technology have overwhelming advantages whatever in technical indicators, cost control, simplicity of the circuit, current level or anything else, the revolutionary patented technology is leading in the world. As well, in terms of the protection of intellectual property rights, a number of patented technology have been relatively comprehensive patent covered, expecting to reach the global technology monopoly.



Every innovation of Kingser, is a kind of self transcendence, the grand launch of New arcless patent technology and related products, must be a stone hit a thousand waves, open the article of revolutionary intelligent arcless switch in electrical switch application field.