The distribution box is the last level distribution facility of power distribution systerm, usually 4~8 loads use one distribution box, the distribution cabinet is the upper level of the distribution box, the switch cabinet divide into high voltage switch cabinet and low voltage cabinet, the high voltage switch cabinet usually supply the power to the high voltage load, the low voltage switch cabinet usually supply the power to the distribution cabinet.

Informally, the cabinet to distribute electric power is called distribution cabinet, mainly used for the control of electrical equipment, power distribution, the line overload, short circuit, leakage protection. Distribution cabinet is installed in various places such as schools, government agencies, hospitals, factories, workshops, family, etc, such as a lighting distribution box or a power distribution cabinet.

Switch cabinet is a kind of complete switchgear and control equipment. It acts as power center and main distribution appratus, mainly used for control, monitoring, measurement and protection of the electric power line and the main electrical equipment. It often sets in the place such as substationor, transformer room etc.