How No Arc Device Influence the Automotive Field

Due to the fact that DC does not have zero point, the arc is large when the load breaks, the mechanical switch (relay, etc.) can not effectively and reliably break, currently in most of the automotive electronic control systems use 12 v dc power supply, it has the following disadvantages: 1, Large line loss, thick [...]

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The Difference Between Synchronous Switches and Hybrid Switches

The Difference Between Synchronous Switches and Hybrid Switches There are many of the articles related on the Synchronous Switches and hybrid Switches, most of the articles are one-sided description of the synchronous switch is superior than the hybrid switch, where I think it is necessary to write an article about it. Synchronous Switches There [...]

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Classification and Characteristics of Commonly Used Power Semiconductor Devices

From the control performance point of view, power semiconductor devices can be divided into non-control devices, semi-control devices and full control devices and other three categories. 1)Non-control device(diode) The Non-control device is represented by a diode, the so-called non-control means the device have no control pole, does not have making and breaking function of weak [...]

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Kingser Attended Hannover Messe 2017

In Germany time of April 24-28th, 2017 Hannover messe has been held in Hanover Exhibition Center as scheduled. Hannover messe is the world's top ranked professional, largest international trade exhibition, which is international communication platform of technological and industrial, as well the carrier for industry, the business community and politicians communication, has become the bridge [...]

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Welcome To Visit Us At Our Booth Hall 14, Stand J50 In Hannover Messe 2017

April 2017 HANNOVER MESSE 2017 Hannover - GERMANY 24-28 April 2017 Hall 14, Stand J50

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Kingser Exhibit The World’s First No-Arc Device On 18th CHTF

On 16th, Nov., the 18th CHTF was solemnly opened in Shenzhen. The theme of this CHTF is "Innovation drive, quality lead", further demonstrate the great achievement of our innovation-driven development and innovative national construction. On this CHTF, Kingser's own patent no-arc devices attracting extensive attention among the national and international customers. Kingser has been [...]

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Kingser came in a successful end on 88th CEF-2016

The 88th CEF-2016 came in a successful end in Shanghai on 10th, Nov. 2016. The no-arc devices invented by Kingser has attracted great and wide attention on the fair, become one of the biggest hits on the exhibition.

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Kingser Will attend 18th China Hi-Tech Fair in 2016!

Kingser will attend 18th China Hi-tech fair as before. Date: 16th~21st, Nov. Booth: 9c1200614 Location: Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. Welcome to visit us then. Each year, CHTF is co-hosted in Shenzhen by Ministries and Commissions of the national government and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. Up to now, 16 CHTFs have been successfully held [...]

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What’s the differences between the distribution box, the distribution cabinet and the switch cabinet?

The distribution box is the last level distribution facility of power distribution systerm, usually 4~8 loads use one distribution box, the distribution cabinet is the upper level of the distribution box, the switch cabinet divide into high voltage switch cabinet and low voltage cabinet, the high voltage switch cabinet usually supply the power [...]

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Kingser will attend 88th CEF-China electronics fair in Shanghai

Kingser Will  attend the 88th China Electronics Fair (CEF)——No. 1 Electronics Fair in China Will come to visit us! Date: 8th, Nov. -11st, Nov. Booth: 2D082 Place: Shanghai China Electronics Fair (CEF) is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of electronics and information industry in China. With its debut in 1964, CEF has grown [...]

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